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Hilde Hemmes Herbals
5 Point Detox 500ml
Herbal Detox Tonic, Liver and Intestinal cleanse Anti-Parasite Formula
Dandelion Root Tea Bags 30
Medicinal Use: Take to help regulate liver and gallbladder function, to assist in the management of dyspepsia (gastric discomfort after eating), to stimulate appetite and the flow of bile from the gallbladder, and to aid in the treatment of fluid retention. Claims are based on traditional use in western herbal medicine.
Eco Yarn-Super Tampons
Eco Yarn
Laxative Teabags 30
This therapeutic teabag is a blend of senna with soothing camomile, peppermint and fennel to ensure a gentle laxative action and to give you a pleasant-tasting tea suitable for adults and children over 12 years. Due to their intestinal cleansing action, Laxative teabags are also included in all the Hilde Hemmes' Detox Programs. Medicinal Use: Take to assist in the treatment and relief of constipation.

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