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Total Health Immune & Digestive Cleanse
Bowel Cleanse 100 caps
bowel health capsules
Citra-Bio 750ml Liquid
Tangy lemon grass, Olive leaf, Papaya and Probiotic drink.
Digestive Cleanse 150g Powder
For Digestive health. Take 1 TSP before food 3 times daily
Digestive Cleanse Caps 100
Psyllium husks, Probiotics, Graviola, spearmint and Stevia capsules
Essensial Magnesium 200gm Powder
For the healthy support of energy production and immune system.
Immune and Digest 150 gm
Joint and Pain Relief 150gm Powder
For Joint pain relief. Take 1/2 to 1 TSP in water or fruit juice twice a day.
NPM Super B Liquid Complex 500 ml
Vitamin B group supplement with C, Zinc and Lysine
Peristal 200g Powder
A herbal and nutritional fibre matrix for the maintenance of regularity.
Stone Defense 60 caps
helps dissolve sediment, soothe discomfort and support release.
Total Health Immune & Digestive Support 300g
Supports digestive and immune function.

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